Why AmeriTax

How do we do it ?

It is simple – we first spend some time with you either in person or over the phone to understand your requirements and obtain information that will help us assess the volume of work involved. Once this initial data collection exercise is done, we will tell how much money you can save. We guarantee 40% savings over your current accounting costs.

We pride ourselves on our professional ethics. We will not waste your time or money – if we can’t save you any money, we will not advise you to outsource with us.

At this stage, we will also explain in detail how exactly you will transmit instructions to us, how we will pick up copies of your source documents and how you will receive your data files. We will also explain how you will access your information in real-time and how you will be able to control payments using our web based imaging tool.

If you decide to go in for us, we will collect information required for the initial accounting setup. For example, we will ask for a list of your current vendors, your list of employees and their pay rates, your last accounting balances and other such information.

Then we will setup your accounting system. We will also assign you an accountant who will be your single point of contact for all issues and queries. You will reach your accountant by dialling a US phone number.