What We Do

Every Pay Period

  • Payroll Checks that include employee current and year-to-date earnings.
  • Direct Deposit of employee net check amounts (optional).
  • Itemized register of each employee’s paycheck. Included current and year-to-date payroll earnings.
  • List of all earnings and deductions arriving at net pay. Calculates the employer tax liabilities.
  • Customizable reports that cater to your business needs.

Every Deposit Period

AmeriTax manages the debit of tax liabilities out of your bank account and automatically remits payroll taxes to the government, including all applicable Federal and State payroll taxes

Every Quarter

  • Filing of Federal Form 941 – Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Return.
  • Filing of All States Payroll Tax Returns.
  • Filing of all Local Payroll Tax Returns if applicable

Every Year

  • Preparation and issuance of Employee W-2 Forms.
  • Filing of Federal and State W-3 Forms.
  • Filing of Form 940 – Federal Unemployment Insurance Return.